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The Right Way I Every Day We Expect to Achieve Goal Zero in Operational Excellence Working safely is a core value of our Company. It begins with Goal Zero by which we make the commitment to never allow the safe responsible operation of our facilities to be compromised for any reason. It also means we must be dedicated to safety excellence. Nothing should matter to us more than working safelyand we therefore must strive to create a workplace in which no one gets hurt anywhere at any time. Our Code Company standards and Company policies must be followed by every employee and person working on behalf of the Company at all times. You are expected to report any actual or suspected violations of Company rules and policies consistent with the steps outlined in Where to Seek Guidance and Report Concerns. Alcohol and Substance Abuse At LyondellBasell we never perform our work under the influence of alcohol illegal drugs or improperly used prescription medications. In addition we must never possess use sell offer or distribute illegal drugs or other controlled substances on Company premises or while conducting Company business. We may possess and consume alcohol at Company sponsored or authorized functions or in certain legitimate business settings such as client entertainment. At all such times however we are expected to act responsibly and to drink moderately not to the point that we are under the influence. The Company may withdraw these privileges if they are abused. Question Lilly knows she is supposed to report injuries job-related illnesses and accidents but her performance award depends on the incident rate going down. What does LyondellBasell really want Answer LyondellBasell wants every employee to report injuries job- related illnesses and accidents. It is only through such reporting that the Company can respond to dangerous situations measure our safety performance and uphold our commitment to health safety and the protection of the environment. Awards for all employees are tied to overall performance in which safety is one of several components. To protect all those working in LyondellBasell facilities and those living in the communities in which LyondellBasell operates accurate and timely reporting is a necessity. 6