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The Right Way I Every Day Unlawful Discrimination LyondellBasell does not unlawfully discriminate against any person on any basis in any part of its global operations. We comply with applicable laws governing unlawful discrimination in employment in every location in which we operate. This means in part that we never make unlawful employment-related decisions based on a legally-protected status or traits such as race gender color age sexual orientation religion disability genetic information or other characteristics as and where protected by applicable law. We make decisions to hire promote terminate or transfer employees based on merit. Anti-Harassment LyondellBasell is committed to providing a workplace free of harassment. To promote respect within our organization we must all treat one another with dignity. Our Company does not tolerate any form of harassment or abusive work environment whether it comes from within or outside of our workplace. Harassment can be any form of unwelcome or abusive workplace conductsexual or non-sexual in naturethat has the effect of creating an intimidating hostile or offensive workplace. A few examples include Physical contact including touching hugging or kissing Verbal comments such as racial slurs or sexist jokes or comments Non-verbal visual displays including electronic displays or acts that contain offensive photographs videos or hand gestures Threats or acts of fear intimidation bullying mobbing or other legally- prohibited abusive workplace behavior Workplace Violence We insist on a non-violent workplace. We must never engage in tolerate or ignore any form of violence. This includes threats or acts intimidation or instilling fear of bodily harm in others. If you know of an actual or potential threat or act of violence you should report your concerns immediately. Question Yesterday Simon had an argument with a co-worker that almost escalated into a physical confrontation when he challenged him to meet him in the parking lot outside. Simon now fears that his co-worker may try to harm him at some point. What should Simon do Answer Simon should report this incident immediately to any of the resources listed in the Where to Seek Guidance and Report Concerns section. In certain circumstances you also may report the incident to Global Security or applicable law enforcement. 5