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The Right Way I Every Day www.lyondellbasell.ethicspoint.com2 Who Must Follow Our Code Our Code applies to all employees officers directors or anyone doing business on behalf of our Company. In addition we expect those we do business with to follow similar principles when working with LyondellBasell. While everyone has a personal responsibility to abide by the Code when conducting business on behalf of our Company supervisors and managers have additional obligations. If you are a supervisor or manager you have a duty to act as an ethical role model for those who report to you. You should never take any adverse action against someone for raising a good faith concern. Instead you should reinforce the Code through your actions. If you become aware of a compliance lapse it is your responsibility to take the appropriate action and escalate as required. Knowing and Following the Law The Code is the cornerstone of our commitment to comply with the law but the Code does not describe every law that may apply to you. As a global organization our work is subject to the laws and regulations of many different countries. Each of us is responsible for knowing and following these laws in addition to our Code policies and procedures. If you believe there is a conflict between the law of your country and another in which we do business a conflict between the law and our Code or a conflict between the law and anything you are asked to do seek guidance by following the steps outlined in this Code. Please read the Code carefully as you are expected to know and follow it at all times. From time to time you may be asked to indicate that you have read understood and acknowledged our Code. Failure to read or acknowledge the standards contained in the Code does not relieve your responsibility to comply with it or any of our other policies or procedures. All references to our Company or LyondellBasell in our Code refer to LyondellBasell Industries N.V. its subsidiaries and affiliates in which we have operational control through a services agreement or other contractual arrangement. Company policies referred to in our Code can be found on Elements the Company intranet.