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The Right Way I Every Day www.lyondellbasell.ethicspoint.com17 LyondellBasell is committed to doing business with others who share our commitment to human rights. You should report any violations of this policy or any human rights labor wage or hours laws by referring to the section Where to Seek Guidance and Report Concerns. We Work to Protect Our Environment At LyondellBasell we are proud of our long history of managing our performance to minimize its impact on the environment. We achieve Goal Zero performance by operating our sites safely and reliably. We believe that compliance is a minimum standard. As a result we meet and strive to exceed environmental standards in all of our operations. We develop products that enable our customers to use energy and water more efficiently. In addition we work with our stakeholders to ensure that our products are consistent with environmental regulations and laws. We Make Charitable and Political Contributions Ethically Our Company has a strong sense of social responsibility and takes pride in our many volunteers. Our people give generously of their time and effort to make a difference in our local communities. In addition to Company-sponsored opportunities such as Global Care Day we are each encouraged to pursue other charitable activities of our choice. However in pursuing charitable activities that are not sponsored by the Company we may only do so on our own time and using our own resources. Question Johnny has concerns that one of his suppliers in Thailand may be using child labor and engaging in human trafficking practices. Should Johnny report his concerns Answer Yes. Johnnys supplier could be violating child labor or other laws so Johnny should report his concerns to his supervisor or another Company resource as described in the Where to Seek Guidance and Report Concerns section. Our Company does not do business with suppliers who use child or forced labor engage in human trafficking practices or the exploitation of children. This applies to your individual political involvement not sponsored by the Company as well. While we are encouraged to engage in such activity we may never do so on Company premises during Company time or with Company resources. We must also refrain from posting personal political messages on blogs or other public forums using Company networks or computers even during non-work hours. Each country where LyondellBasell operates has restrictions on political contributions by companies. Employees must consult the Government Relations department to ensure strict compliance with applicable laws. For additional information or guidance please see the applicable Company policies on Elements.