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Letter from the CEO Bhavesh V. Bob Patel Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board Dear Colleagues At LyondellBasell we aspire to become the most valued chemical company in the world. To meet this aspiration we must all conduct ourselves with integrity and adhere to a common set of values and behaviors which are outlined in our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct explains how we conduct business around the world. Each of us must commit to understanding this Code of Conduct and abiding by its principles. To familiarize you with the Code of Conduct and how we do business annual training is provided to all employees. I am proud of the character and ethical conduct exemplified by LyondellBasell employees. However just as we must intervene to ensure a safe work environment we must also report instances of behavior which may violate our Code of Conduct. If you suspect or know of any possible violations or if you have any concerns you should feel safe to speak up and to take the appropriate actions as described in the Code. I want a work environment where you are valued inspired to do great things and feel safe to speak up. Speaking up in good faith will not result in any retaliation. Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work. Your commitment to performing at your best and with integrity will help us to achieve our goal of becoming the most valued chemical company in the world. Best regards i