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The Right Way I Every Day We Use Company Technologies Responsibly Our computer and network systems are valuable assets of our Company. When using them do so appropriately and remember that you represent LyondellBasell in all you do. Always use Company computer and network systems including guest and corporate wireless in a safe ethical lawful efficient and productive manner. This means you should never use these systems to access view send or communicate illegal inappropriate sexually explicit offensive or unsolicited materials. While limited personal use is allowed you should never let such use interfere with your job responsibilities. You should treat email texts blogs and instant messages with the same care you would in writing a letter on LyondellBasells letterhead. We should remember that Subject to applicable laws all computer systems and the data created transferred and stored is Company property. For security and system maintenance purposes individuals authorized by LyondellBasell may monitor equipment systems and network traffic at any time. Monitoring will only be carried out to the extent permitted or required by law and as necessary and justifiable for business purposes. Employees must not share accounts and must keep their passwords secure and are responsible for the work performed with their account this includes but is not limited to email and use of Company information. 8 Employees must not circumvent desktop or security controls. This activity can result in the introduction of malicious programs e.g. viruses into Company computer systems. Violating copyright or similar laws or regulations including but not limited to the installation or distribution of pirated or other software products that are not appropriately licensed for use by LyondellBasell is also strictly prohibited. Information not released for public consumption or company Confidential information cannot be transferred to or stored on flash drives external optical drives or third party hosted systems such as personal email or internet hosted services. We Respect Each Others Personal Data and Follow Data Privacy Regulations Our Company respects the confidentiality and protection required by law of current and former employee personal data as well as personal data of our contractors and customers. This typically includes information such as home addresses government-issued identification numbers payroll and other personal information. With respect to such personal data we must Act in accordance with applicable law act in accordance with Company policy collect use and process such information only for legitimate business purposes and take care to prevent unauthorized disclosure. Social Media and Networking At LyondellBasell we recognize the vast opportunities provided to personally participate in various social media outlets. Social media includes a variety of social networking sites blogs and wikis. However when making use of such personal opportunities we strongly encourage you to do so with caution. You may never use social media to defame harass bully mob threaten or intimidate Company employees customers competitors or vendors. In addition never share any confidential or proprietary Company information through your participation in social media. According to the National Labor Relations Act in the United States confidential information for purposes of this section of our Code does not include personal wage disciplinary or other information about terms and conditions of your employment. The use of social media outlets should never interfere with work.