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The Right Way I Every Day Question Angela recently purchased office supplies using her corporate credit card. Since her department did not need the office supplies she returned the supplies to the vendor and received the refund on her personal credit card and did not refund the funds to the Company. Is this a violation of Company policy Answer Yes. This would be considered stealing from the Company as she received money for supplies that were purchased with Company funds. We Protect Our Companys Assets We all have a duty to exercise care when using our Companys assets. This includes Company funds products computer systems and software vehicles facilities equipment documents networks confidential information intellectual property and even our reputation. Company assets cannot be used for personal use unless specifically permitted by Company policy. Theft of Company assets or stealing from the Company is a violation of the Code. In addition if you know or suspect any theft abuse misuse or waste of Company assets you should report it immediately. Confidential Information and Intellectual Property You may have access to LyondellBasells confidential non-public information. Confidential non-public information can take many forms including financial information customer lists business strategies and plans or operational and asset-related information. As an employee you are expected to use confidential information solely for the benefit of the Company and not impermissibly disclose it to others outside the Company. Just as we expect all employees to respect the Companys confidential information we expect employees to respect the confidential information of others including competitors suppliers and customers. If you inadvertently learn of such information please notify your supervisor or manager. One type of confidential information is called Intellectual Property IP. Our IP is a valuable asset and we must take great care to protect and enforce our IP rights at all times. IP includes intangible property such as copyrights patents trademarks design rights logos and brands. The law protects our rights to this property as it does other forms of physical property. To the maximum extent permitted by law the rights to all IP created with Company materials on Company time at our Companys expense or within the scope of our duties belong to LyondellBasell. Trade secretsa special class of confidential data that gives our Company a competitive advantageare also valuable Company assets we must protect. Some examples of trade secrets include Customer lists or data Terms and conditions rates or fees offered to customers Marketing and strategic plans Technological developments Never disclose trade secrets or any other confidential or proprietary information without a business need and prior authorization to do so. Take special care not to disclose this information by properly securing your computer documents or other sensitive materials. In addition avoid discussing such information in places where you can be overheard including restaurants restrooms taxis airplanes or elevators. Remember these obligations continue even after your employment with LyondellBasell ends. Our Reputation We keep our reputation strong through appropriate and accurate dialogue with our stakeholders. Our reputation for integrity is influenced heavily by the information we provide to the public. This means in part that all such communications must present a fair and accurate picture of our business dealings. Only authorized individuals may speak about LyondellBasell to the media the investment community and other public forums. If you receive a request for information from the media you should forward it to Corporate Communications. If you receive a request from an analyst or member of the investment community you should forward it to Investor Relations. If you receive a request from an outside legal representative or government agency you should forward it to the Legal department. Do not take the following actions Speak on behalf of LyondellBasell unless you are a designated spokesperson and have authorization to do so Disclose any confidential information Refer to LyondellBasell customers suppliers or partners without their approval For more information please see the applicable Company policies on Elements. 7